Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

This week the challenge from The Daily Post was to upload a photo that describes the Challenge word: Afloat.  The instant I saw this weeks challenge I knew the photo I wanted to upload first – and if 4 years of University exams taught me anything, it is never change your first answer so:

Nothing more comforting then trusting your life to some old timber and twine.

Nothing more comforting then trusting your life to some old timber and twine.

We took this shot in Bali, on our first trip to the Island.  Bali is such a polarising place, many are totally against going there or even entertaining the idea of going there – whereas those who have been and seen the real side to Bali usually always fall in love with it.

This little “boat” and I use the word boat very lightly was to take us across the lake to the Temple in the background.  The lake regularly floods after heavy rain and so the locals have to use these little canoe boats to get across to the temple.  The locals seem to just accept that when the lake rises they need to move their houses up the hill away from the shoreline!  Something very humbling about that.

We were even more “comforted” when looking closely at the boat and seeing the main support arms held together with some thin coloured twine/rope.  The water couldn’t be that deep surely?  Was a wonderful experience though – however the torrent of water coming in through the bottom as we paddled was a bit worrying (it may have just been a trickle but when you have your expensive non-waterproof camera around your next it is a torrent!).

The amazing city square of Hvar in Croatia.

The amazing city square of Hvar in Croatia.

This was my next image that I wanted to share – it was taken on my first overseas holiday back in 2005 (oh gosh was it really that long ago).  On the lovely little island of Hvar in Croatia.  My wife and I both fell in love with this place, the pace of life is so much slower than anywhere else.  I can see myself retiring to Hvar, waking up early to head to the market and get some fresh bread.  Having an afternoon nap before sitting on the walls of the old town square and wiling away the daylight hours discussing life and the universe with the other old men of the town….

I love this shot of the small rental boats floating in the harbour, all waiting for the next arrival of tourists to rent them out and go exploring one of the many thousands of little islands and inlets along the Croatian coast.  Oh what I would give to be back there relaxing and watching the sun set over the Adriatic Sea!

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